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Interview with Sophia Rocchetti

Interview with SOPHIA ROCCHETTI by [REDACTED referred to as INTERVIEWER].


TIME: 10:32 am, Wednesday. 

LOCATION: Newspaper’s main office in Chicago, Illinois. 


INTERVIEWER: Mrs Rocchetti, thank you so much for sitting down with us today. It’s a pleasure to have you.


MRS ROCCHETTI: Thank you having me, and please call me Sophia.


[MRS ROCCHETTI referred to as SOPHIA from here on out]


INTERVIEWER: We should jump right into it. We have a lot to get through.


SOPHIA: Ask away! I will answer your questions as well as I can.


INTERVIEWER: First question, if you had gone to college, what would have studied?


SOPHIA: College? It’s only the first question and you already have me speechless! Oh my, I guess…Oh, I’m not sure. My husband would say I could major in talking but what does he know? I think…If I had gone to college, I would have wanted to study a major where I could work with people. Perhaps party planning, or publicity.


INTERVIEWER: We did start with a hard one. How about an easier one...[INTERVIEWER reads down the page of questions] Ah! Here we go. What is your favourite perfume?


SOPHIA: An excellent question! Where to begin…I am a perfume fiend, I must admit. But anything with a vanilla scent is usually something I love. At the moment, I’m working my way through a bottle of Byredo 1996 Eau de Parfum. 


INTERVIEWER: Sounds lovely. If you could go anywhere in the world, which country would you like to travel to?


SOPHIA: Oh wow…anywhere in the world? I think I would want to travel to France. Perhaps I’ll convince Alessandro someday.


[SOPHIA does not sound convinced.]


INTERVIEWER: Here is another one…what is the one thing that annoys you about your husband, Alessandro?


[SOPHIA laughs and clasps her hands together] 


SOPHIA: Oh, where to begin! I’m just kidding. As far as habits go, my husband is pretty good. Though, I must admit, his affection for his cars can be annoying. Especially when he insists on taking the kids and pets in my car, so he doesn’t get his dirty!


INTERVIEWER: That would be very annoying! Now, now, another easy one. What is your favourite food?


SOPHIA: An easy one? This is the hardest question you’ve thrown at me. [SOPHIA laughs] I do love a good plate of pasta. Whether fettucine or bolognese or cannoli. Though, at the moment, I cannot stop eating mushroom risotto, so I guess that is my current favourite.


INTERVIEWER: Now…the questions are a little more difficult here on out. If you don’t feel comfortable answering one, you don’t have to.


SOPHIA: [Nods] Thank you. 


INTERVIEWER: Are you still in contact with your sister, Catherine Padovino? Do you still talk to her?


SOPHIA: That is not a difficult question. No, my sister and I are no longer in contact. 


[SOPHIA goes quiet.]


INTERVIEWER: Reiterating on your sister, do you think you will ever forgive her?


SOPHIA: No, I don’t think forgiveness is the cards for my sister and me. 


[SOPHIA glances behind her to her bodyguard. SOPHIA turns back to face INTERVIEWER. BODYGUARD glares at INTERVIEWER. INTERVIEWER takes this as a hint to move onto a different topic.]


INTERVIEWER: Next one…how does it feel to finally live your best life?


[SOPHIA laughs. BODYGUARD stops glaring at INTERVIEWER]


SOPHIA: It feels wonderful! Thank you! 


INTERVIEWER: That’s great! Do you think you’re going to have more children?


SOPHIA: Don’t ask my husband that! No, no. Four is enough! Plus, as my children like to remind me, if we add another little one to the family than the boy – girl ratio would be skewed.


INTERVIEWER: Speaking about Alessandro, who you do trust the most in the world, excluding him?


SOPHIA: [Looks thoughtful] Who I trust the most besides Alessandro? I would have to say…Oscuro, my bodyguard. As well as my cousin, Beatrice Tarantino, and my friend, Aisling Shildrick.


INTERVIEWER: Returning to the topic of your children, it is my understanding that your son, Dante, is betrothed to Aurelia. What do you think of her?


SOPHIA: Aurelia is a lovely girl. She comes from a very good family.


INTERVIEWER: Have you ever met someone and thought they would be a good match for one of your children?


SOPHIA: Well, I suppose it is every parent’s dream their children end up with one of their friend’s children. But they’re so little right now, imagining them getting married makes me want to cry. 


INTERVIEWER: Would you ever let one of your children marry for love?


SOPHIA: Of course.


INTERVIEWER: You have three other children…would you arrange marriages for them as well?


[SOPHIA rises to her feet abruptly.]


SOPHIA: Unfortunately, I have other engagements I must attend to. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me.


[INTERVIEWER jumps to her feet]


INTERVIEWER: Of course, Mrs–I mean, Sophia. I meant no disrespect by my last question.


[SOPHIA smiles]


SOPHIA: I know you didn’t. 


[SOPHIA says something quietly to INTERVIEWER. The tape recorder could not pick up what SOPHIA said.]


INTERVIEWER: Yes, ma’am. This won’t be heard by anyone. 



Transcript found packed away in attic. Interview never published.

Copyright Bree Porter All Rights Reserved

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